Carousel of my last 10 days

Oh, it's been very extraordinary 10 days of my life - starting from simple life without toilet paper ending with scuba-diving and pottering. All of my friends ask what I'v been up to lately, some of my followers, who appeared to be my neighbours, wonders why there were no post for the last 10 days...Guys no worries I'm alive, in fact it's my best summer ever. Despite I'm not really allowed to share any information, I still would like to tell you something about my greatest summer ever.
Less for 9 month of blogging I, the Boy from Stuff'n'Style became famous for mine bitchiness and ability to tell/write everything I think, avoiding hypocrisy. Around few month ago, a group of brilliant, very talented and  super nice people decided to fill a reality show - something in between of America's Next Top Model and The Survivor, yet with our very own Latvian twist and photo-art related. They needed some resident-bitch character and they found me :). I was very flattered and I hope that I didn't disappointed them. Who are they?! They are my family for rent: Sergey Kondrashin - the author of the project , Bogdana Kondrashina, the director of the project, Artur Jurkevich - the host, Andris Ruskulis - make-up, Irina Neverova - multi talent, Lesha and Misha - camera guys and Viktor Kremnev - the creative director, plus changing membersEdgars Zablockis and Marija Elkina - hair magicians.    
Although we are in the middle of the filming, I still can share some sneak pics and infos with you, my dear followers. 
BUT as it's Exposed Daily blog, I also have to include some pictures of the food I ate and activities I did, so let's go chronologically, as I always do :D
19 June:
Well, as you can see I was trying to eat more or less healthy avoiding any white bread, but the shooting are so intense that some few deserts and glasses of wine are simply undeniable.
20 June:

I spent a whole day on a rape field, so the only food I could get for my lunch was nasty sandwiches. The rest, excluding midnight haribos, looks fine to me.
21 June:

This day I spent in a lovely pottery studio, where I practised my pottery skills (actually people were impressed by my vase-ashtray). I ate very little as I was busy and I had a mega dose of cognac after midnight. The night was "old" when we finished that bottle. I had only 3 hours of sleep. Mr Rape presented me a blue-whale, which became a part of my wild a la Juergen Teller photosession.
22 June:

After finishing first starge of the project, we arrived back to Riga, where I had the most unpleasant meeting regarding my primary work. Whatever...I forgot to take a picture of California Sushi from Vairak Saules (the sushi were way too expensive fro something with surimi crab sticks)

23 June:

In Latvia we have the most holy Holiday Līgo and Jāņi. It's kind of midsummer fest and everyone gets drunk. I wasn't an exception. But before all that food /beer extravaganza I did manage to jogg for an hour and do some pushes. That was the craziest Līgo night ever - I ended up dancing in a field filled with foam in the middle of nowhere...seriously! 
24 June:
Oh this day was crazy too - we had all-day-long-photo-session and then countless shots of Sambuka and Absinthe (like 8 or 9) plus some drinks and weeeeeeee'd love to keep some stuff unexposed :D
25 June:

OMG this day was totally free and mine main source of calories was alcohol. I had a good time with friends in Dorian Gray Bar (must visit) and I swam in a fountain on a way home (not sure bout that) :D 
26 June:
After very wild night I woke up really late and missed the beginning of the next shootings, but I had an excuse - "romantic" night with a stranger(s). The shooting's venue was above marvel - 3 decks private yacht "Old Captain" with 8 cabins, 2 swimming pools, other extras and little casino. A prefect location for  a hangover.
27 June:

This was my day - the shootings took place in a shopping mall Sky&More where I had to bitch on everyone. Plus I got my hair colour fixed and now I'm back to ginger.

Now it's time for the ugly truth: Ta-da Deniss almost naked!

Ok, 2 more days are missing, but I'm gonna post'em this morning. PLEASE CHECK MY BLOG TOMORROW MORNING COZ I`LL POST SOMETHING REALLY INTERESTING!!!
Dee for ED




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